Our Foundation

Focal Point Media was founded by Jane Aquien on the basic principles that make us human: passion, decisiveness, creativity, honesty, sincerity, compassion and transparency. With her versatile background spanning Journalism, NGO Advocacy for Women and Children’s Rights, Event Organization as well as Branding and Advertising in Southeast Asia, Australia and Switzerland, she is able to lead clients through the entire process: from research, concept development, planning through team selection and briefing to the successful completion of a project. Together with a team specialized in Brand and Communications Strategies, Media Production, Market Research, Web Development and Graphic Designs, she consistently nurtures a healthy working culture.


We are 101% committed to building your credibility. The idea is for your brand to help people understand what your business or charity organization is all about, to become a necessary foundation for building emotional connections with the people that will assist you in changing the world.


Since our desire to deliver a great job runs deep, we are committed to handling your project with fresh energy and enthusiasm.


While we are always here to share our knowledge and experience, we also make an effort to listen carefully so we understand your unique business or charity.


Think of us as extra members of your team, bringing all the missing skills you need: We are in this together and will support you in bringing the best out of your project.